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 Das Portal der Wirtschaftsakademien Kärntens!
 ...wir sind zertifiziert!
 ...und das sind wir selbst!

 Mettingerstraße 16
 9100 Völkermarkt
 Tel.: 04232 / 2039
 Fax: 04232 / 2039 - 20
 E-Mail Adresse:

 mail to webmaster: h.e. 


There are many ways to teach and learn a foreign language. Our approach is based on the following aims:

  • communication skills
  • problem solving ability
  • general knowledge
  • applying business know-how
  • working in virtual teams
  • developing self-awareness
  • social skills and teamability

We provide:

  • a highly motivated team of teachers
  • well-organised and efficient teaching
  • communication lessons with native speakers (language assistants)
  • EU-projects with schools abroad
  • e-learning and internet application
  • an excellent technical infrastructure
  • language courses abroad (depending on financial affordability)

The teachers guide you according to your specific needs and equip you with the skills required by the economy.


Useful links:

Vocabulix (gratis online Englisch lernen, trainieren und testen!)

www.teenshealth.org/ (health and personality)

www.penpalsnow.com/ (penpal search)

www.seventeen.com/ (US-magazine for girls)


www.linguadict.de/ (online dictionary)

www.europa.eu.int/ (EU issues)

www.bbc.co.uk/ (for general information

www.englisch-hilfen.de/ (Nachhilfe)

www.cnn.com/ (news)

Enjoy learning in an innovative school !

Mag. Anton Rabitsch

Kirsten Wisniewksi – English language assistant 2014/15

My name is Kirsten Wisniewksi and I am the new English Language Assistant.

I am from the United States, and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I studied Journalism at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I have lived for the past six years. After graduating I began working as a competitive speech coach at a local high school, and then as a member of the special education staff at the Twin Cities German Immersion School.

I am very passionate about language education and love being outside, so I am excited to be working in Carinthia this year!




My name is Stephen Ludlum, and I am an English teaching assistant here at the HAK Völkermarkt. I am from Columbus, Ohio (in the USA), and was provided the wonderful opportunity to teach here by the Fulbright Commission of United States Government. I received my Bachelors degree in May from Centre College, and am uncertain as to what my professional future holds.
Although I am only available to teach six hours a week, I have come to treasure my time here in Völkermarkt. The teachers have been extremely helpful, the students have been a joy, and everyone I have encountered has been amazingly hospitable. I wish this experience would go on indefinitely, but unfortunately I am only able to remain in this school until the end of May.
In my free time, I enjoy good music, good sports, and good friends. I have enjoyed my time here in Austria, joining two local choirs and meeting exciting people near where I live in Klagenfurt.

I hope this profile gives you a better idea of who I am, and how spectacular my time in the HAK Völkermarkt has been thus far.

Michael Robson – Der Abschied...

I’ve enjoyed my time here in Völkermarkt and I hope that my students have enjoyed their lessons with me. Lessons have ranged from the talking about the EU to British music, from smoking bans to vegetarianism. Hopefully the lessons have been interesting, fun and informative and that my students have benefited from speaking to a native speaker.


I have also given some Nachhilfe lessons and mentored the students who took part in the Sprachwettbewerb and I’m proud of how well they did.

Austria remains a country that I am in love with and although I’m going back to work in the UK, I’m sure I’ll be back in Austria soon, either for holidays or perhaps even to live and work here one day.

Thank you for making my stay here so pleasurable.

Michael Robson – English language assistant 2006/07

My name is Michael Robson and I am the English assistant here in Völkermarkt. I’ve just graduated from university, having studied French, German and Spanish. For language students in Britain the third year is spent abroad and I did this in 2004/05. I did a language assistantship in Paris, studied at the university of Granada and spent a month in Vienna at a language school.


A month in Austria was not long enough, so I decided to come back after university. On a personal note, I hope I will get to know more Austrians, visit much more of the country and improve my German. For my students, I hope to help improve their English and also give them an insight into British culture. I am enjoying my work at the school and hope that my students enjoy my lessons too.

I am living in Völkermarkt and hope this will help me to integrate into the community. If you ever have any questions, something you would like to know, feel free to ask me.

Claire Manning – English language assistant 2005/06


My name is Claire Manning and I am the English assistant here in Völkermarkt. My situation is a little bit different to previous assistants, in that I have already finished my studies (German with Spanish) in England. I have also worked as an assistant previously in Austria.

I liked Austria so much that I decided to come back here to live and was interested in working at the HAK due to the school’s emphasis on event management – I worked as an events manager for two years in London before moving here. I enjoy my work at the school and the interaction with both the pupils and teachers. I always try to plan fun and informative lessons for the pupils, with the emphasis on them speaking as much as possible, I think I have succeeded so far (not sure what the pupils think!).

I have also applied to extend my contract for next year and am hoping this will be accepted. I live just outside of Völkermarkt in Eberndorf. I really like living here and think the area is very pretty – it is a complete and welcome contrast to London.

Claire Manning

Luke Rauch – our English language assistant 2004/05

First of all, a large thank you to all those I’ve had thepleasure to meet and work with during the last year. Myexperiences at the HAK and Gymnasium here in Völkermarkthave been memorable and enjoyable. In the last year I havetravelled with school groups to Italy, Greece and Nassfeld.At Nassfeld I went snowboarding for the first time, andafter falling 40 or 50 times I even managed to get down ahill or two. Luckily the Austrian snow wasn’t too hard,although parts of my body would disagree.

I have been asked many times, “do you find it a bit boringhere?” The answer is no. I grew up in a small town, andenjoy the peace and quiet that one can find there. Völkermarkt is an ideal place for long walks and bikerides. Things I do almost everyday no matter where I am. There seems to be no end to the trails and nature. I’veexplored many paths from Hochosterwitz to Lavantal, andfrom Eisenkappel to Rosental. Of course no walk was longerthan the Vierbergelauf. I’ll never forget walking up thesecond hill in the dark with several thousand other people.

I came to Austria to improve my German and learn more aboutthe culture and teaching. My journey has been successful,so much so that I’ve decided to stay one more year inAustria. Next school year I’ll be roaming the streets ofSalzburg. Thank you to all the friendly people at thisschool. I wish you the best.

Luke Rauch

Andrew Mattick – the English language assistant 2003/04

I’m Andrew Mattick – the English language assistant here in Völkermarkt.  I’m here until the end of May as part of my university course back in Wales.  I study English and German and so have to spend a year in a German-speaking country.  I had been on holiday to both Germany and Austria and definitely preferred Austria.  So that’s why I decided to come here.  I work in Völkermarkt two days a week and I join students from the first to the fourth classes in their English lessons.  My role here is fairly simple – to get the students to speak English.  My job involves helping the teachers with what they have planned for classes as well as preparing things myself.  It’s sometimes difficult to know what interests the students have even though I’m just a few years older than them!  But we get by and so far it’s been a good experience.

Andrew Mattick

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