Den Abschluss des ersten Jahres an der Praxis-HAK Völkermarkt bestreiten die Schüler/innen der 1AK mit einem dreitägigen Englisch-Workshop. Lesen Sie nachfolgend den Bericht.

From June 1 to 3 the 1AK took part in a three-day English Workshop. Their trainers were two native speakers, James and Neil, representatives of the “Native Speaker Network” language school. 

They did a lot of different fun activities with their trainers, for instance, playing games, singing songs, telling jokes, acting out sketches and role plays – just to name a few. These activities and the work with native speakers contributed a lot to the students’ confidence in speaking English. At the end of these three days the students received their certificates for participating in the workshop. 

For us as teachers it was really great to have seen the progress happen before our eyes, where the students managed to practice their command of the language in a more and more seamless and natural way. It was a successful workshop and even if it was short, we hope the students will keep the ability to open and express themselves in English alive, and take it further with them.

Prof. Cornelia Konrad and Prof. Verena Hornbogner